B2B Credit Automation Made Easy: The Credit Origination Process

Yes, you can automate your B2B Credit Origination Process and achieve better quality credit decisions than you would manually. More so, you can achieve this at a much lower cost and faster processing speed. The Credit Origination process starts with the customer completing a credit application and ends with the credit department issuing a credit decision.

The Process Tasks:

First, let’s examine the Credit Origination process and the tasks that are being automated. We will consider the case of a first-time buyer applying for $50,000 in credit. Here are the typical steps involved.

  1.  Customer completes and submits the credit application
  2. The Credit Department reviews the credit application for completeness and accuracy
  3. The Credit Department requests additional information from the customer and third parties.

              a. Credit references
              b. Credit bureau report
              c. Personal guarantee
              d. Tax Exempt certificates
              e. Financial statements, etc.

4. The Credit Department aggregates and evaluates the information received to determine the credit worthiness of the customer.

5. The Credit Department approves the credit requests if the evaluation result is good otherwise declines the request.

The above steps take time and become increasingly costly when the volume of transactions is high. Humans are prone to mistakes when completing repetitive tasks and have a high tendency of injecting subjectivities and personal preferences into the risk determination process and the interpretation of the credit worthiness of the customer. 

The Process Costs

The processing scenario above presents us with two key costs variables: TIME and COST.

TIME refers to the time it takes to process steps 1-5:

      -If it takes a longer time to process than your competitors, you may lose your
       customers to the competition.

     -A longer processing times slows down your order-to-cash cycle which is
      bad for your company working capital needs.

COST refers to:

- Cost of credit personnel overhead and the supporting infrastructure

- Cost of bad credit decisions, resulting in credit defaults.    

In a number of worst cases observed in high-volume credit transactions processing environments, these costs could significantly eat into the sales margin, especially in low margin industries. Often, companies don’t track these costs because if they do, the CFO will get really concerned.
The Automation Solution

Now back to where we started from. There is indeed a solution and that solution lies with process and task automation. The right solution executes steps 1-5 above on the condition that the credit application is 100% digital. 

- The right automation should be able to implement time-tested rules derived from
   the collective experience of credit personnel and the corporate operating credit

- The right automation should also provide statistics of the credit applications
  processed, actions performed, and decisions reached.

- The right automation should be flexible and intelligent enough to allow for
  segmentation of process behavior based on the common characteristics of the
  customer segment being evaluated.

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