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Bectran Announces New Cloud Platform Capabilities to Deliver Accounts Receivable and Collections Management to Credit Departments

By : Saaniya Ahmed On : 14 August, 2018 In : News

August 13, 2018 Bectran B2B Credit Management Cloud Solution Reinvents How Organizations Evaluate and Approve Credit, Manage Accounts Receivable and Automate Collections All From a Single Platform CHICAGO, IL –(MARKETWIRED)–Bectran, Inc., the leading B2B credit management SaaS platform, announced today the additions of Accounts Receivable and Collections Management capabilities to its platform. With these additions,Read more

Digital Transformation in Business Credit

By : Daniel Gambrell On : 24 November, 2017 In : Tech Topics

Digital transformation is rapidly upending existing business practices. Automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, cloud computing, big data, internet of things, etc. promise to upend existing business practices, create new business models, and transform the business landscape. Historically, new technologies created competitive advantage for early adopters. New digital technologies promise the same results for those organizationsRead more

Two Trends Driving Corporate Finance Automation Adoption

By : Daniel Gambrell On : 27 October, 2017 In : Tech Topics

  Corporate Finance Automation Goes Mainstream According to new research from the Hackett Group, two-thirds of large multinational companies plan to automate components of their finance department in the next 2-3 years. Cited reasons include resource reallocation, error reduction, and elimination of rote tasks from employee workloads. Even though corporate finance automation technologies have existedRead more

3 Costs Increased by the Traditional Credit Management Process

By : Daniel Gambrell On : 13 October, 2017 In : Tech Topics

New technologies allow unprecedented speed, productivity, and insight into the credit management process. However, many credit departments are still using traditional ways of processing credit. These traditional processes rely heavily on manual, paper-based tasks. The credit employee spends large amounts of time faxing, filing, following-up, emailing, aggregating data, analyzing data, etc. These tasks have significantRead more

Information Security Risk and the Cost of Visibility in Manual Environments

By : Daniel Gambrell On : 06 October, 2017 In : Tech Topics

Information Security Risk Credit departments hold sensitive and personally identifying information such as social security numbers, copies of driver’s licenses, credit card numbers, etc. Storage of sensitive information on physical media, such as paper, increases the risk that information is lost due to storage medium corruption or destruction in the event of a fire orRead more

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