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3 Costs Increased by the Traditional Credit Management Process

By : Daniel Gambrell On : 13 October, 2017 In : Tech Topics

New technologies allow unprecedented speed, productivity, and insight into the credit management process. However, many credit departments are still using traditional ways of processing credit. These traditional processes rely heavily on manual, paper-based tasks. The credit employee spends large amounts of time faxing, filing, following-up, emailing, aggregating data, analyzing data,Read more

Information Security Risk and the Cost of Visibility in Manual Environments

By : Daniel Gambrell On : 06 October, 2017 In : Tech Topics

Information Security Risk Credit departments hold sensitive and personally identifying information such as social security numbers, copies of driver’s licenses, credit card numbers, etc. Storage of sensitive information on physical media, such as paper, increases the risk that information is lost due to storage medium corruption or destruction in theRead more

Bectran Completes SOC 2 Type II Audit: B2B Credit Management Platform Provider Continues to Meet Latest Industry Standards

By : Daniel Gambrell On : 03 October, 2017 In : News

ITASCA, IL – (Marketwired-September 26, 2017)- Bectran, Inc., a leader in bringing automation, digitization, and artificial intelligence to the B2B credit management solution space, announced the successful completion of the SOC 2 Type II audit for its industry-leading cloud-based credit management platform. The audit was conducted by The Moore Group,Read more

Building the Credit Management Process in a Digital Environment

By : Daniel Gambrell On : 25 September, 2017 In : Tech Topics

Need for an Adaptive & Configurable Framework Universally, across industries and companies, the credit management process follows the 80/20 rule. 80% of the credit management process is the same across companies while 20% is highly company specific. These company-specific differences are driven by industry attributes such as product type, theRead more

Understanding the Universal Credit Process

By : Daniel Gambrell On : 07 September, 2017 In : Solutions

Introduction According to Merriam-Webster, credit is defined as the “the provision of money, goods, or services with the expectation of future payment.” Trade credit, also known as purchase credit, allows customers to receive goods whose value is charged against an account to which the buyer will pay in cash atRead more

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