February 22, 2016

Bectran to Co-Sponsor CreditScape Spring Summit in March

ITASCA, IL--(Marketwired - February 22, 2016) - Bectran, leading provider of the industry standard B2B Credit Management Platform, is excited to co-sponsor this year's CreditScape Spring Summit, hosted by the Credit Management Association, which will be held in Newport Beach, CA, March 24-25, 2016. This year the Annual Meeting will focus on "The Efficient Digital Credit Department", and will feature two days of workshop training and networking events for credit professionals. This conference will offer credit practitioners of varying levels of expertise the opportunity to exchange insights with their colleagues on some of the key strategic and operating challenges in their everyday credit management activities.

Learn more about CreditScape and register for the event.

In today's fast changing business landscape, speed is critical for success. Credit departments that approve credit faster for their customers do more business than their slower counterparts. The reality is that most credit departments still operate at manual speed because their credit process is manual with lots of paper work. The Bectran digital platform helps companies transform their credit departments into the 21st century electronic office processing transactions at electronic speed. 

Over the years, Bectran clients have grown consistently their base of happy customers and reversed the years of poor credit performance prior to the adoption of Bectran. Our clients have seen increased and faster collaboration amongst their sales team, customer service, credit departments, customers and other stakeholders, resulting in faster resolution of credit issues of varying complexities. Overall, within the first 6 months of adoption, 99% of our customers have achieved significantly shorter credit-to-cash cycle with higher quality receivables. Capabilities offered include: Electronic Credit Application System, Reference Automation, Credit Scoring & Risk Analytics, Portfolio Reviews, Credit Operations Management, Global Credit Management capabilities, Decision Automation, Credit Workflow, Document Management, etc.

One of Bectran's esteemed clients will also be heading a discussion on utilizing an online credit management workflow system. As a Credit Director from a Fortune 100 company with over 15 years of experience, she will be sharing her practical knowledge of adopting a digital work environment, and how to overcome obstacles, as well as how customers may react to the new technology environment. She will also be our guest for a "meet and greet networking event" to talk about her experiences in a more intimate manner.

Bectran is pleased to continue a strong partnership with the CMA and the opportunity to meet with credit professionals from all over the country.

About Bectran

Bectran, the industry leading SaaS platform, has grown rapidly over the years to become the companion toolkit for the Credit Department just as CRM is for the Sales Department. From simple to complex organizations and SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, Bectran has helped companies cut down the time to process and approve credit by over 90% while significantly lowering the risk of credit defaults and the cost of collections.

A growing number of companies are depending on Bectran to manage their Accounts Receivable and Collections. With significant process and task automation, companies are able to cut down the cost of collections by as much as 60-90% while accelerating the cash receipts cycle with complete and accurate cash applications.

Bectran’s clients enjoy the ease, speed and cost-effectiveness of adopting the Bectran platform. New clients are onboarded in a matter of days or weeks. Credit professionals in various industries have described the Bectran platform as the future of the Credit Department.

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