Virtually Organize the Credit Department

Often times, credit review activities are aligned with the business structure of a company. For most highly diversified companies, credit operations are organized around operating units and consolidated at the corporate level.  The greater the complexity and diversification of a company’s business structure the more challenging it is to track, account for and report credit transactions.  The Bectran Operations Management and Multi-Business Support modules enable companies to seamlessly adapt their credit operations to support the underlying business structure for both simple and complex/matrix organizations.

Multi-Business Support

The Multi-Business Support capability allows highly diversified and global companies to organize and manage their credit transactions at the business entity layers (divisions, subsidiaries, countries, etc.) and at the corporate or consolidated layer.

Multi Biz

With the multi-business support capability, CFOs, Corporate Credit Directors, Treasurers are empowered to review and account for credit management activities at different levels of the company’s operational hierarchy using several key metrics.

Operations Management

On the other hand, the Operations Management module allows credit management activities to be organized by responsibilities and streamlines the Sales/Customer Service organizations with the Credit/Finance departments for effective communications and routing of messages and documents. This is a critical feature for credit departments where daily management tasks need to be organized by credit managers for effective tracking and monitoring of credit management responsibilities, using simple to complex intelligent work queues. The Operations Management feature also streamlines the credit approval process with the internal policy for hierarchical approval of credit requests.

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